Church On The Solid Rock Missions Ministry

Mission's Ministry

Step into the passionate embrace of our Missions Ministry, where we extend our hands far and wide, bridging divides and forging deep connections with missionaries and organizations. Our commitment isn't just financial; it's personal, prayerful, and rooted in genuine relationships.

  1. Pastor Sam Lacanienta: Fondly known as Pastor Sam, he, along with his late wife Ida, were pivotal in birthing our church. Today, Pastor Sam serves diligently in Talakag, Bukidnon, Mindanao, Philippines. With four church plants and weekly Bible studies in various locations, Pastor Sam's work is a testament to God's grace. Dive deeper into his ministry at the TALAKAG CHURCH ON THE SOLID ROCK page on Facebook.
  2. Crossing Cultures International, Inc.: Led by David and Mindy Nelson, CCI's vision is to equip global Christ followers for effective ministry. Recognizing the lack of resources and formal seminary training for many, CCI brings seminary-level training to the heart of where God's work unfolds. Discover more at CCIEQUIP.ORG.
  3. Guidelines International: A beacon of hope, Guidelines International Ministries is dedicated to illuminating spiritual darkness with Gospel truths through audio messages. They nurture, equip, and bring hope to new believers, especially those in unreached regions or under persecution. Venture to GUIDELINES.ORG to learn more.
  4. WORD OF LIFE SEASIDE BIBLE CAMP: At Word of Life, transformative faith experiences are crafted, giving students and families opportunities for deep spiritual growth. Whether through camps, the Bible Institute, or various ministries, they're catalysts for lasting change and eternal impact. Explore their mission further at WOL.ORG.

Join us in this mission-centric endeavor, where, together, we amplify God's work, support His soldiers, and champion His message across the globe.